Paperonfire Interview // Becha

       Becha, a powerful and unconstrained artist from Serbia. She is affected by surrealism and cubism, and adept at collage with abstract modeling, freestyle handwriting , whimsical theme and beautiful retro colors. Through Becha's artwork, you always find many interesting elements and fascinated in her unique composition, even can feel object's motion in the painting when look closer. Today we show some of Bechas artworks, video and her interview for readers, enjoy it!

 How would you describe your style?

     A surreal mix of nonsense and great truths made with collage technique.
In more practical way, that would be collage made with photographs (mostly from old magazines), drawing, texture and lettering.

 Artistic styles or movements you fell in love with?

     I like to combine Surrealism motives and themes, Cubism’s way of connecting elements and stylization, and add a Dada’s mood to glue everything together. All this three movements are characterized by plenty of details and a very narrative approach. Personally, I love rich content that is visually layered and conceptually multi-faceted.

Any painters or illustrators you admire?

       Artists like Basquiat, Bosch, Bruegel, Schile, Dali and todays Clayton brothers, Sarra Fanelli, Eduardo Recife, Mark Ryden, David Plunkert, Bruno Kurru, Marianna Ignataki are also inspirations…

What is the usual inspiration for your artwork?

     Human relations and psychology are my favorite subjects but if we talk about the visual point of view then it’s nature and its strange forms, textures, colors and structures…It’s very sad to see how easily we forget about all the natural beauty that surrounds us to and how much we are blinded with artificial, shiny stuff.

Any art piece that brand you for life?

       I consider myself as a dreamer and in general, I see dreams as a one of my main inspirations and one of the most fascinating phenomenons of the human mind. This reason why I think that the picture that most represents me is Dali’s “Sleep”.
       I love the contrast between the enormous yet lightweight creature and the wooden crutches, so frail that looks like they could brake at any moment. That giant monster is a scary but vulnerable at the same time.

Do you think social media affect the way you work?

       I don’t think that social media is affecting my personal work but my commercial work can be conditioned and influenced by that.
       I look at it just like as one new rule of the game that your work should adjust to but ultimately is the Artist’s decision if is it going to improve it or spoil it.

Becha Art video 

View more on Becha's beautiful website: http://becha.me/
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