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     Johnny Yue is an artist who was born in southern China and now lives in Hong Kong. His art is absolutely stunning but also with revelation, and leading readers to think in deep. From Johnny Yue's aesthetic conceptionsstream of consciousness literature knowledge and abstract thought of death & desire from film field, he success to form the unique style. Recently, Johnny has an exhibition in Berlin, it’s great news for readers, but I think people would also want to know more about his philosophy, so at the time, we have an interview with Johnny.

Can you give us a brief bio, where is home, and how long have you been an artist?

     I was born in the small town of 1978 in southern China and I grew up in China's economy. if I need to return to China, I just want to back my original town, rather than this rigid city. In 1994, I began to learn the traditional western art and live in Hong Kong from 2001. Because the high cost of living index in Hong Kong, I must have another job in my life, so I work in a CGI company and be the senior designer now.
Around 2008, I set up own works web page and started to upload my works with friends, it is my only freedom of creation without customer impact, just like another kind of balance.

Have any artist inspires you? What influences your work?

     There are many artists, I cannot just say a few names, I admire if they have unique style, whether from antiquity to modern times, even younger than me, or any unknown artist from internet. And I like to study their good knowledge, just like a sponge to absorb all the new art knowledge.

Let’s introduce us your wonderful artwork. What do you like to draw the most?

     I have seen a type of novel which very abstract and free style, called stream of consciousness, I like the atmosphere of the novel that rendering, it can bring audiences go into the most abstract mood. I apply this style on my works that can omit many details and I also focus on the description of the atmosphere with more abstract and ambiguous, and let audience's imagination broader and freedom. This is the mainly introduction of my work style.
And my favorite painting is the Mona Lisa, because everything is perfect, modern man seems no time and patience to create this high level painting again.

Sometimes color reflects emotion of a person; can you tell us what’s the message behind your dreamily like color tone?

     I work in commercial and always be in touch with about film shooting, I have seen all the original movie film, they always tend to a monochromatic tones and blurred images that facilitate to tune the color contrast, I like to use this original movie film tone very much, the gloomy tone for describe the theme of death & desire and appropriate to the mood, but maybe my style will change in the future, because I am interested in learning of Chinese Taoism recently. It made me rethink the implications on the life, natural and how to depict the life glorious meaning and dignity of life, which became the theme in my recent thinking.

Which artwork of yours is the most favor for you? And the reason is...

     Although each work are created by heart, but has so far not really most like works yet, I only care that there is more possibility in the future creation, I am not standing still and always looking back.

Please give a good advice for people who want to be an artist.

     If you have plenty of economic background, and the majority of social network, there are a lot of friends to help you, then your success is inevitable faster; but if you're same as me, must have a 10 hours commercial work a day to pay your rent and living, then you must more efforts to seize the remaining time to create more of yourself works, of course, before you do,  more attention to a variety of new style on the Internet, about completion of your works, a lot of communication platform on the modern Internet, you can create your online page, or all kinds of creative exchange platform, or e magazine, or Facebook and initiative to look for opportunities, not waiting for an opportunity to come to you.

View more stunning work in Johnny Yue's website: johnnyworkerpaints.com

Berlin Avantgarde

The exhibition of Johnny Yue and German artist Claudia Birkheuer
 Exhibition period: 5 May - 6 June 2012

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