Paperonfire Interview // Masha Reva

          Printing designer as an indispensable role to appear in fashion show nowaday, they are giving fashion with visual creative besides fabric and structure. it's no doubt to say it breaks an important field to fashion world. Today we have an interview for one of printing talent, Masha Reva. Masha is a Ukraine based fashion designer who graduated from Kiev National University of Technology and Design. She has also interned in Thakoon and Walter Van Beirendonck. By Masha's talents and professional experiences, she created an unique style and fill her exceptional graphic sense with rigorous designing skill into fashion. Masha Reva's 2012 project MERGING and interview as shown below, let us know more about her.

What is the concept of 2012 project “MERGING?

It is about virtual reality, which is a part of everyday life of a common human. So first I began to analyze our demands and connections within the internet, and I found it very interesting that we are hunting for information all the time, and consequently we do not stop to produce information by ourselves – lots of images and words in our profiles. It actually looks like we are being blended together with the huge amount of information, and for us it is never enough. This kind of situation is that I actually do not like, however, I decided that I want to create an inspiring idea, and this is why I came back to the concept of Nature — our principal environment that we have been blending with from our early days. It is very important not to forget about the natural part of what we are, first of all. 

How would you best describe your printing?

My prints are often made of pieces coming from different backgrounds, it is a result of recycling process. Usually, I choose a piece or a fragment from an image, sometimes I am changing colour, combining it then with the other parts, playing with the order, it is a kind of game for me.

I do not really know where I will find my next source, sometimes I find it in the web, for example, the print from the red shot (the one with cells) — the whole pattern for it was made in 2 days, one day I spent serching for a perfect cell I needed, and after I found one, then came a whole day-long work on transforming it into different shapes, combining each other afterwords.

Sometimes, it is not clear from the first sight what exactly is shown on my prints, but it is possible to find some unexpected things such as pieses of anatomic illustrations, which can make up floral prints, for example. 

What inspired you do be a fashion designer?

It is my family, first of all, in my childhood I grew up in some sort of artistic environment, my father is an artist, a sculpturer, and my mother, well, she studied Fashion Design when I was very young, so I guess it was then when I first began to draw and to copy her sketches.

After I finished my high school, I realized that drawing was not enough for me, that I also needed to change things, or even create them by my own.  

Fashion styles or movements you fall in love with?

Huge impression for me comes from art: when I was a student, I found my fathers old book about artistic movements in the early 20th century in Russia – the communistic avant-garde, cubists, supremacists, really na├»ve posters with communistic slogans, and, of course, gorgeous beautiful textile prints of that age with amazing color pallet that I felt in love with.

Another big thing for me is Mexico and Frida Kahlo; Mexican Day of the Dead makes me absolute crazy, all those flowers and skeletons, the use of color and a total freedom. They are fantastic!
It is no use to mention other hundreds of other inspiring things; there are really lots of them.  

How do you describe the atmosphere of your country creation?

Ukraine is a kind of a new country, we are only 21 years old, and there have been still a huge influence of the Soviet Union still in our lives, art and even thoughts, and that is sometimes I find weird.

If you will have a look at our culture, you will find it quite kitschy, but it is not bad, after all. In Odessa (my home city), especially in spring-summer period, everybody is very colorful, sometimes even vulgar, elder women, for instance, are mixing all the possible types of make-up at the same time, which is in my opinion fantastic, so why not?

From time to time, I get bored with our environment, but somehow it is very challenging — it is possible to mix these strange unusual things we have in art, it feels like being on the other planet, it is totally far from civilized Europe, if you know what I mean. And, of course, I am very happy here with my friends as they are, we are always helping each other in what we do, and this is how everything comes up in my projects.

What is your planning for next project?

At the moment, I am working on the capsule collection in collaboration with one fashion brand, there will be lots of prints again, and it is going to be in order online next month. All the latest news are also available on my web site .

Clothes/Paper objects: Masha Reva
Photography: Synchrodogs
StylingJulie Pelipas
Model: Lola Dikova
Make-up / Hair: Helen Khodos
Post-production: Igor Primak
Assistance: Anna Shapovalova
Backstage video: Maximus Chatsky

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