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     Six Lee, a Hong Kong born fashion designer. After graduating from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Belgium(2009) and became the first Chinese who ever graduated there. He moved to London for collaboration with the Alexander McQueen menswear team. The traditional British tailoring – translated in clean cuts and sharp lines – combined with soft colors and dreamy, boyish details result in unique silhouettes. 

Paperonfire reader, let's enjoy our interview with Six!


F/W 2012" We're all at the end" Video

Tell us about the concept of the collection

     F/W 2012 Six Lee collection titled "We're all at the end", is a duology that continues the story of S/S 2011 season collection - “We’re all in the dance".
The story features vintage portraits of males’ relationships that captured a world of feeling between them, and eventually hidden from eyes.

     Through the story of previous season, life is a dance; we are constantly looking around for our beloved one, and to share the most memorable and priceless moments together as the end of the World approaches.

     Beautifully photographed by Jaime Martinez, all the landscapes, sunset images are mirrored to create a natural, and yet surreal atmosphere. With uncertainty, insecurity and doubts about doomsday and not knowing how we will embrace it,
I see explosion, smoke, freezing ice and different kinds of stones - marble, granite, pyrite, carnelian and quartz; the elements for the prints and accessories for this collection. 

     Bags and backpacks will features with distinctive details mixed with favorable British tailoring, to create a new futuristic and sophisticated aspect. The silhouettes collection is a miniature and focal interest on a Turkish Whirling Dervishes Ceremony - part of a formal ceremony known as the Sama.

     Inspired from the Sama, as one of the many Sufi Ceremonies performed to reach religious ecstasy; the aesthetic movements throughout the ritual, the well connected layering of orthodox Judaism, the costumes of Samaritan Tribes and the Nomads clothing have become a collectable notions of a noble modern gentlemen, who bring along all his treasured belongings and search with his belief in love.

"We walk through hell but it will be fine if we are together".­­­­

Who/What is your favorite designer/artist/art style and how to influence your design?

     In general there are a lot of things and people I find to be inspiring. In all different fields, it doesn’t necessarily need to be fashion, it can also be art, design, even crafts, science, or literature, I look up to people who stay true to themselves, and really do what they love. That for me is inspirational. People who want to change something with what they do. People who don’t lose the childlike ability to believe they can still change something with what they do.
     To name a few, there is Michiel Gondry, Philippe Ramette, Berlinde De Bruycker…..

How to keep your passion for fashion?

     I see fashion as a medium or a way to express ourselves, who we really are, what do we like. It’s just like love, we are trying everyday to make people like us, and sharing things with us. Put our vision on the table and point of view. If people like it, it's good, it's a fate, but if not, it's not because of ourselves, it's just about the fate.

What do you think the differences between UK and HK fashion?

     For me, there is a huge difference between UK and HK fashion.
     There are not so many museums in Hong Kong so there is no artistic or cultural education or background for youngsters. They lack a decent basis in order to express their creative desires. It seems like the government cares more about the economic conditions of our country than about art or fashion. Young people don't really get the chance to develop their own dream. They can only find the right education and support abroad. However, I think that change is coming: over the past few years I have noticed a rise of small art galleries. Hong Kong people seem to become more aware of art.

 What is your planning in 2012?

     My plan for 2012 is having an amazing showroom during Paris Menswear fashion week in late June to show my new season S/S 2013. As well as being happy as always. 

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