Paperonfire Interview // Simon Schubert

   Simon Schubert is an artist based in Cologne, Germany. Simon is a sculptor doing figurative sculptures and folded paper reliefs. He uses paper creases and folds to create an incredible works of art. It can be described to be a sculptural drawing between two dimensional and three dimensional.
      Let's discover what Simon shares with us.

POF:Tell us about the concept and idea of your paper art.
SS:The pictures are only worked by folding the paper in a special technique. Through the interplay of light and shadow on the folds the image becomes visible. Through the changing of light or daylight the pictures changes from being nearly invisible into becoming an illusionary space. The technique and the material is reduced to just the paper, no ink or pencil can be seen.

POF: Can you introduce your latest artwork to our reader?
SS: I`m currently working on a series of folded paper works about the Berlin Stadtschloss. The Berlin Stadtschloss is a palace build for the German emperor from 1698 on (finally finished 1918) and was torn down in eastern Berlin during Germany was parted in east and west. For this series, I`m working from historical photos showing the interiors, hallways and rooms of the palace. For me it is interesting, that this place doesn`t exist anymore and my pictures seem to be somewhat like a memory of the place. 

POF: What is your inspiration come from mostly?
SS: Inspiration comes most often from literature, philosophy and film. I try to connect on thoughts and images which fascinate me.

POF: What inspired you do be an artist?
SS: Actually it was the work of Joseph Beuys first of all, which opened my eyes, that art could be more than just something decorative and influence into life directly. That was probably one important moment.

POF: How do you feel the art atmosphere in Germany?
SS: I think it is great to work in Germany as there is a lot of interest in art and a lot of possibilities for an artist.

POF: Which project/artwork is the most impressive?
SS: I did some huge walls of paper installations. For these installations all the walls and the ceilings are made of folded paper and on the walls folded paper pictures can be seen in folded paper picture frames and so on. You can move through room after room and loose orientation. I`ve shown these projects in my galleries in Cologne and Berlin and in the Magazin 4 Kunstverein in Bregenz and in my latest museum show in the Villa Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach, close to Cologne.

POF: How do you keep yourself motivated and your art fresh?
SS: Through all the interesting exhibitions and spaces which I`m asked to do works for, always motivation and inspiration comes along. 

POF: What is your planning of the next project?
SS: Next projects will be a show at Gallery Thomas Modern in Munich, and a Solo show in Düsseldorf at Philara and in Vienna at the Neuer Kunstverein. I`m planning some paper installations specially designed for the spaces.

Simon Schubert's website: http://www.simonschubert.de/

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