Art and Creative // Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures by Marguerite Humeau

Marguerite Humeau is a speculative designer from London who graduated from the Royal College of Art a year ago with the "Mammoth Imperator". In this project, Marguerite has been on a pre-post historic epic quest which aimed at resuscitating the sound of prehistoric creatures by reconstructing their vocal tract. Marguerite  continues to develope the project and make a proposal for "Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures". Now it becomes an installation for the exhibition "Politique Fiction" at Cit√© du Design in Saint-√Čtienne, France. it performs composed of a Mammoth Imperator, an Ambulocetus - prehistoric "walking whale", and an Entelodont - Terminator Pig. It just like to seek and evolve in contemporary era. 

“Proposal for resuscitating prehistoric creatures” sets up the rebirth of cloned creatures, their wandering and their sound epic. They are seeking to evolve in our contemporary era.

The designer, who became the heroine of a quasi-mystic epic journey, aims at resuscitating the sound of prehistoric creatures by reconstructing their vocal tract. This is problematic from the scientific point of view: since the vocal tract is made of soft tissue, it does not fossilise. The only things that have been preserved through time are the surrounding bones. The inner parts have to be redesigned.

For more than a year Marguerite Humeau has been discussing with palaeontologists, zoologists, veterinarians, engineers, explorers, surgeons, ear and throat specialists, and radiologists.

Humeau had to overcome the difficulty of telling history, and prehistory; and also to create a work from non-existent, inaccessible, or lost data. Design, fiction, science, speculations and phantasms serve the project ambition. Advices from experts as well as predictions are used to craft the roars of the new creatures.

The epic, as real as fantasised, gives birth to three semi-real roaring creatures: a Mammoth Imperator (-4,5 MYA), an Entelodont aka Terminator Pig (-25 MYA), and an Ambulocetus “Walking whale” (-50MYA).

Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures- Installation trailer (Video: Ben Penna, Sound: Association Phonotonic) from Marguerite Humeau on Vimeo.


Sound Design & Artificial Intelligence: Association Phonotonic (Julien Bloit)

Sound Design collaborator: Charles Goyard

3D modelling: Hong Yeul Eom, Clifford Sage, Ben Penna

Video art direction: Ben Penna

“The Infinite Odyssey” book design: Ghazaal Vojdani

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