Fashion Style // FlorentTosi Collection « ce qui est beau est toujours bizarre »

FlorentTosi’s collection « ce qui est beau est toujours bizarre » 
as the claim of my aesthetic views on menswear.

Florent: Two points have led my collection : my fascination with the elegance of a man in a suit, and my draping work, more instinctive, that i experiment in many projects.
With the association of these different techniques i developed my own aesthetic language. A language based on my feelings about men's body an its nudity, sometimes bizarre but always elegant.

I built my collection while experimenting different associations of deconstructed suits and pieces of fabrics draped directly on the body.
I've thought every outfit as a geometric construction made of black, white or skin shapes to create ambiguous proportions with the different layers of clothes.

The shown parts of the body (arms, legs) are not particularly erotic but linked with the easily identifiable universe of men suit gives it a different reading. It exacerbates its animal side, showing a hairy leg next to a pant with a fold leg.

FlorentTosi is a young fashion designer from Geneva, Switzerland. He graduated from HEAD University of Art and Design Geneva in BA fashion design

Florent: My aim is to offer to man a new wardrobe in tune with the times that either draws its references from men tailoring than feminine elements. I always mix in my process tailoring and draping techniques, as woolen and silky fabrics. Masculine and feminine, shouldn't be, in my opinion, considered as opposites but as the parts of a whole. My dream is to work in a menswear studio in Paris or London.

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