Fashion Style // OBLIVION

     OBLIVION is an independent brand founded in 2010. It’s now focus to create on fashion accessories and sculptures. The creation and production of products was all managed by two founders. 
     It's great to see new dynamic brand thrown into the mix of fashion & sculpture and creating these brilliant artwork-like accessories. "We trying to fuse the art elements into fashion accessories and let people become a part of the art and enhance the ornamental value of fashion." Through designers innovative and independent thoughts, OBLIVION was successful to create these iconic items with the new visual, technical, artistic form and give a whole new perspective to it.

 "We hope to spread this faith out through the products, so that the crafts technology can be preach out and hope the users can live out their personal style by the products." 
The accessories collection is non-formulaic mass production which capture on sophisticated and unique as haute couture by the professional leather stitching experiences and sculptural technique.

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