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        The Things? – A Trip to Europa is a design odyssey that was triggered by the rumour that creatures are living under the ice cap of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. The project by designer/artist Marguerite Humeau which collaborate with Le Studio Humain (Art Direction) and musician The Coward (Soundtrack) for the opening credits video. Since December 2013, it has been shown at the Design Project Room in Geneva. The second part of the project will be unveiled at the end of the year during a show in London. The third part will be an expedition to Antarctica during the winter 2015-16.

Prop 1: The Black & The Cloud
Air cannon & Cloud of Black Powder similar to the one that the creatures are supposedly emitting. Image © HEAD – Genève (Dylan Perrenoud)

Prop 2: inflatable eight-metre-long plane. 
A vibrating PVC-coated PU inflated black plane (8 meter long), Image © HEAD – Genève (Dylan Perrenoud). The plane was crafted by Chinese company Shape International (http://www.military-decoy.com/), specialised in the manufacture of simulated military target equipment for the needs of legitimate defence clients

THE THINGS? – A TRIP TO EUROPA (Opening Credits) from Marguerite Humeau on Vimeo.

Director: Marguerite Humeau
Trailer Show curator: Alexandra Midal
Art Direction, Video, Graphic design: Benjamin Penaguin for Le Studio Humain
Soundtrack: The Coward
Epistolary Novel design: André Freiermuth
Electronics and performance sound design: Charles Chalas
Production assistant: Clément Coubès
Supported by: HEAD-Genève and The Warped M Productions

Marguerite Humeau’s website: http://margueritehumeau.com/
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