Fashion Style // LARA QUINT AW'14-15 BUSHIDO Collection

      Phantasmagoric wild nature, kimono silk whisper and invincible power of spirit. Lara Quint’s main objective is to capture and express these moments in the heroine’s character – brave female warrior holding weapons in her arms, protecting her sanctity clad in signs and symbols from toe to crown. 
      LARA QUINT AW'14-15 Bushido collection, inspired by studying traditional Japanese armour, calligraphy, Jakuza tattoos and Shibari binding, combines various arts. For instance, parts of the human body serve as a canvas for masterful embodiment of metamorphosis tattoo plots, whereas binding and calligraphy that refer to the identity of font lines and ropes are reflected in fabrics and silhouettes. Textures and materials that undisputedly support the idea of collection are linen, silk organza, wool, faux fur, leather, silicone, cotton, and drape cloth. Bushido colour palette is based upon beige, black and white, as well as inevitable accents on red – the symbol of blood and death. Beige is the color of rice paper, black is the calligraphy and outlines of engravings, and white is the colour of snow and geisha’s make-up.

Photographer: Andrew Ivaskiv
Designer: Lara Quint
Make-up: Ekaterina Harlanova
Model: Nastya Permilovska

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