Fashion Style // MARCHI Autumn / Winter 2014/2015 Collection ROMANI

         MARCHI Autumn / Winter 2014/2015 Collection ROMANI is devoted to modern " people of the world ," wanderers , forever young and carefree, gypsy free in their fashion aspirations.
        Today's cosmopolitan attract by spontaneous adventure and the ability to easily move anywhere in the world. This phenomenon has prompted designers of the brand Valery Marchi, Tasha Kukhar the embodiment of a nomadic fashion- to-date context. Thirst for freedom, lack of attachment to a particular place and the ability to feel comfortable regardless of factors outside world - is in each piece gypsy who is not afraid of novelty and boldly goes for fashion- experiments.
        ROMANI combines brand conciseness with motley gypsy aesthetics. Traditionally, in the MARCHI collection can be traced sporting spirit. Mix of minimalist sport 80s and decorative layering - a new interpretation of boho-chic style, which is an inexhaustible source of modern trends. The basis of the collection - the bulk upper coat, expressive combination of fabrics and accessories: oversize bags, comfortable sandals.

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