Fashion Style // SIX LEE Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

        A focal interest in the 19th century fine tailoring of the English aristocracy gets combined with the surgery clothes with a lot of oversize shape and open back piece represents the perfection you are seeking for when you are imperfect. All silhouettes are showcasing the sharpness of the British tailoring; but at the same time, having a lot of layering preserves the reserved elegances. Coated wool, coated cotton, and polyurethane finished innovative fabrics are widely used in every single piece of this collection, for the result of bring a gentleman to a contemporary and futuristic level.

SixLee Spring/Summer 2015 collection is all about classical tailoring tradition with a new level of other elements combination. Having the typical SixLee characteristics - elegantly tailored silhouettes in rich materials, everyone should look underneath a person to find out the beauty of their perfect imperfection. 

Discover more: www.sixlee.be

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