Exclusive // Medley

(shirt: Ethel Vaughn, bow tie: H&M/ "All for Childen" UNICEF Collection, jewels+watch: Models own, trousers: Ethel Vaughn, socks: Stylists Own, shoes: Evita)

       'Medley' beautifully shoot by fashion photographer Pia Schweisser with models Daniel C.,  Marcel M.,  Marijana Jurcevic, Jie Wang and Pauline, in exclusive this playful series for Paperonfire.  In charge of the styling was Irmela Schwengler and model wears pieces from Ethel Vaughn, New Era, Ethel Vaughn, Cheap Monday, Prototype Schumacher and more. For the hair & make-up is courtesy of Kerstin Hajdu.

 (dress worn reverse: Ethel Vaughn, hair ties: Stylists Own)

 (baseball cap: New Era, bomber jacket: Ethel Vaughn,jewels: Models own, t-shirt worn as dress: Cheap Monday, belt: Vintage)

 (bomber jacket: Reality Studio, t-shirt: D&G Vintage, skirt: Prototype Schumacher)

 (Alice band, blouse, chain: H&M, t-shirt:Cheap Monday, belt: H&M, leggings: H&M)

(LEFT: t-shirt:  Carhartt, sweater: Julian Zigerli, suspenders: Stylists own, trousers: Costumized by Stylists, socks: Stylists Own, shoes: Stylists Own, RIGHT: shirt: Julian Zigerli, bomber jacket: Julian Zigerli t-shirt: Carhartt, jewels+watch: Models own, trousers: Julian Zigerli, socks: Stylists Own, shoes: Evita)

Models: Daniel C.,  Marcel M. and  Marijana Jurcevic from brodybookings (, Jie Wang and Pauline 
Photography: Pia Schweisser (
Styling: Irmela Schwengler 
Hair/Make-up: Kerstin Hajdu  (
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