Exclusive // 2728c CONFIDENT

Recently, Milan fashion designer Roxana Nesfintu has collaborated with a talented team for the special project "2728c CONFIDENT" and in exclusive for Paperonfire . The project released a fashion editorial and film with great outfits from Roxana Nesfintu capsule collection 2016. For the beautiful shoot by fashion photographer Alessandro Vergata with models Olga  & Dina.  In charge of the hair styling from Mattia Flora and make-up by Mirela Rusu. For the fashion film was in charge of Antonio Morra and the music by Alessandro Bilotta. The project born from the union of fashion and abstract geometry. That world made of lines, plane and solid figures, strong and elementary shapes, a world that we instinctively recognize.  Tangible geometry, lines, rectangular material becomes the cool sporty inspired by the 90's for a dynamic woman that has been able to abandon the fashion rigidity of the past in favor of the comfortable and practical. 2728c is the color of Pantone, the only color present in the outfits.

Editorial: "2728c Confident"
Photographer: Alessandro Vergata (www.alessandrovergata.it)
Total looks: Roxana Nesfintu - Capsule Collection 2016 (www.roxananesfintu.com)
models: Olga @MP & Dina @Wave
make-up artist: Mirela Rusu
hair Stylist: Mattia Flora
styling assistant: Serena Quaglio
Location: Alzaia 192

Film Credits:
DES FILM (www.desfilm.it)
Director/d.o.p.: Antonio Morra
Music by: Alessandro Bilotta
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