Editorial // Alice & Gloria by Gina Scarfogliero

Alice Pietrucci and Gloria Foglietti captured by Gina Scarfogliero for Paperonfire online editorial. The beautiful series toke place in Rome. Maryna Stets was in charge of the hair style and make up by Elisa Mancini. For the styling by Silvia Campagna with wardrobes from Effenoir, RHÉA Saturnine Leathercrafts, Flaminia Barosini, Voodoo Jewels, Self-Portrait by LEAM Roma Snake,CÉLINE by LEAM Roma and so on.


Photographer | Gina Scarfogliero
Facebook: Gina Scarfogliero Photographer - https://www.facebook.com/ ginascarfoglieroph
Instagram: @ginascarfogliero

Fashion Stylist | Silvia Campagna
Facebook: Silvia Campagna - Fashion Stylist - https://www.facebook.com/ silviacampagnastylist/
Instagram: @silvia.campagna

Make-up Artist | Elisa Mancini
Facebook: Elisa Mancini Make Up Artist - https://www.facebook.com/ elisamancinimakeup/
Instagram: @elisamancinimakeup

Hairstylist | Maryna Stets
Instagram: @maryna_stets

Model | Alice Pietrucci
Facebook: Alice Pietrucci - https://www.facebook.com/alice.pietrucci
Instagram: @pent_up_anxiety

Model | Gloria Foglietti
Facebook: Gloria Foglietti Model - https://www.facebook.com/gloriafoffcial/ 
Instagram: @gloriaf_weird

Stylist Assistant | Alessia Mancini

Wardrobes(order from top to bottom)

Dress | Effenoir
Harness | RHÉA Saturnine Leathercrafts
Earrings | Flaminia Barosini
Rings | Voodoo Jewels
Top and Skirt | Effenoir
Earrings and Necklace | Voodoo Jewels
Rings | Noshi

Top and Skirt | Effenoir
Earrings and Necklace | Voodoo Jewels
Rings | Noshi

Jumpsuit | Self-Portrait by LEAM Roma Snake
Earring and Rings | Alice Sambenati
Ring | Voodoo Jewels

Dress | CÉLINE by LEAM Roma
Tiara and Ring | Flaminia Barosini
Earring | Alice Sambenati

Dress | Effenoir
Bracelets | Alice Sambenati

Jumpsuit | Effenoir
Belt | Max Mara
Choker, Ring and Bracelet | Alice Sambenati

Dress | Morfosis
Harness | RHÉA Saturnine Leathercrafts

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