Editorial // Saints & Sinners

 "SAINTS & SINNERS" captured by Antonio Guzzardo with models João Pedro from New Beatrice Models, Franz from Fashion Management and Rick Vugts from UrbanModels for Paperonfire online editorial. Marco Marchesi from Toni&Guy was in charge of the hair style and make up by Andrea Raffai. For the styling by Riccardo Rubino with wardrobes from Off-White, Ports1961, Alessio Rossi, Dolce&Gabbana, Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani, Monia Romano, Andrea Pompilio and so on.


Photography: Antonio Guzzardo www.antonioguzzardo.com
Stylist: Riccardo Rubino www.riccardorubino.com
Hair stylist: Marco Marchesi@Toni&Guy
Make-up: Andrea Raffai
Hair stylist assistant: Nickolas Piazza@Toni&Guy
Stylist assistant: Fabio Pittalis
Photographer assistant: Stefania Spadoni
Models: João Pedro@NewBeatriceModels
               Rick Vugts@UrbanModels
Thanks to Diego Giuliarini and Eugenio Gorrasi


model on the left:
coat by Alessio Rossi
Shorts Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
Headpiece by Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
Ring by Peech
Shoes by JF London
Socks by Benedict
Necklace by GoiGmg
Patches by Dolce&Gabbana

model on the center:
Coat by Alessio Rossi
Pants by Tom Rebl
Belt and shades vintage
Earrings by GoiGmg
Patch by Dolce&Gabbana

model on the right:
Suit by Costanza Pirazzoli
Shoes by JF London
Socks by Benedict
Tee by Teenage Billionaire

2 & 3
Long sleeve tshirt by Ports1961
belt Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
pants by Levi's Gosha Rubchinskiy
rings by Peech
Necklace vintage
headpiece by Gianmarco Bersani

4, 5 & 6
Skirt by Monia Romano
Pin on skirt by Sharra Pagano
Sweater by Bad Deal
Shirt Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
Sandals by Tom Rebl
Necklaces by Zineta Style
Headpiece by Gianmarco Bersani

jacket by Christian Pellizzari
apron by Angelos Frentzos
scarf  by Gosha Rubchinskiy
sandals by Artselab
earrings by GoiGmg
ring by Peech
pins by Sharra Pagano

Bomber jacket by Monia Romano
Shorts by Tom Rebl
Sneakers by Asics
headpiece by Gianmarco Bersani
Socks by Benedict
Necklace by Rosantica
Earrings by GoiGmg
Pins and earrings on bomber jacket by GoiGmg & Sharra Pagano

Suit Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
Tshirt by Monia Romano
Belt by Off-White
Shoes by Tom Rebl
Shades by David Marc

10 & 11
jacket by Angelos Frentzos
Tshirt by Christian Pellizzari
Pants Yaezel by Angelo Cruciani
Earrings by Dolce&Gabbana
Scarf stylist own

Tshirt by Ports1961
Headpiece by Gianmarco Bersani
Necklace by Sharra Pagano
shades vintage

Coat by Seung Hyeon Kim
Sweater by Andrea Pompilio
Shirt by Tom Rebl
Shorts by Plus que ma vie
Shades by EyeLove
Pins on the coat by GoiGmg & Sharra Pagano

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